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Promotional Bulk SMS Gateway For Political Parties & Election Campaigns

Bulk sms marketing has become one of the most important tools for Election Campaigns. Political parties have found sms marketing very useful for Fundraising. Sms marketing is also used for organizing Rallies and gathering supporters (crowd). On the election day bulk sms marketing is used to remind voters for their valuable participation. Sms marketing is used in all forms of Elections from Panchayat Elections to Parliament Elections and Assembly Elections to Corporation Elections.

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Advantage of campaigning by bulk SMS services:

  • It helps you to make your election campaign unique and attract more public to support you. Sending SMS to the public makes your trust in their minds and create personal touch as SMS reaches to every individual.
  • Other advantage of sending SMS is that the cost of messages is significantly less than the any other promoting tool. It saves lots of time as it reaches faster than door to door campaign.
  • Response rates of SMS are higher than any emails as mobile phones are with everyone now a days and every SMS read at first.
  • Bulk SMS services helps to encourage youngsters to support because it is an modern marketing strategy.

  • Informational SMS send by bulk SMS services:

  • Bulk SMS services are also used for sending important information by political parties to their party members and general public.
  • All important information reaches to the right person at right time. It makes public up to date about all your meetings, rallies and protest.
  • Bulk SMS services helps to organize large crowd for your meeting and protest and make your campaign better.

  • We at Vrudhee Solutions offers Promotional Bulk SMS services exclusively for election campaigns. We offer easy to use interface with lots of features like scheduling SMS and send SMS in multiple languages. Our all services are comes in very competitive price and our sales team is always there to assist you.